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Is your Warranty registration and spare parts management still firmly lodged in the 20th century?

Partstars is a simple but sophisticated shopfront for distributors to have their customers register their Warranties, and to find and correctly order their Spare parts and accessories.

Partstars is a complete set of Customer Service components, unique in the market, and leveraging the internet to bridge the gap between a telephone answering service and a full customer service facility.

1. 1-300/1-800 Call Management Allow your staff to get on with their jobs. Selectively have your calls filtered through remote response or voicemail, and logged in Partstars Job queue to manage responses.

2. Online Job management

Record every Service call and response. Choose to escalate nominated call types back to management via email.

3.Online Warranty Registration

Direct your customers to or your site to register their purchase, obtain benefits, order parts & service, receive newsletters, see videos, download manuals

4.Online parts Ordering

Eliminate telephone calls by directing initial enquiries & parts ordering to or your site

5. Cross sell & Upsell

Give your customers the opportunity to maximise the value of their purchase by promoting accessories through or your site

6. Add a Sales Channel

Sell online without the hassle. List any products you wish. Position them anywhere on Partstars website. Set up your retailers as Account Customers, and allow them to place product or parts orders online.

7. Use Partstars for your own Customer Service Department

Your own staff can optionally login to process orders and payments

8. Offer Extended Warranty for Registration

This is a fashionable approach to high value purchases, and your products may benefit from this type of value add.

9. Subcontract your spare parts inventory.

Anyone can ship your orders. Replace this “difficult to control” cost with a fully managed service.

10. Rebadge Partstars on your website.

Define products solely as your own and hyperlink off our database, so you have full control over ordering.

11. No Website or Shopping Cart management.

You provide basic product information and Partstars does the rest, worldwide.

12. Inform customers of product revisions discontinuations, and buying opportunities

Proactively let your customers know what’s happening with their products. Newsletter functionality to build Brand loyalty.

13. Online Troubleshooting

Retaining a productive skillset for short lifecycle products can be a significant issue for hardgoods distributors. Partstars’ self learning Troubleshooter enables product knowledge to be accumulates online, so problems can be solved once and forever. The Troubleshooter allows hyperlinks, documents, images and movies to be uploaded into it to provide the most comprehensive problem solving solution possible.

Contact us at or call Paul on 0468 381 628 to find out more about how you can participate.

Save time, save costs, improve customer service, improve accuracy

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